Poetry Analysis Project

by Ivy Rafuse and Haley Klein

The Death of Santa Claus by Charles Webb


The poem "The Death of Santa Claus" explains in a way how a child feels inside when they're told that Santa isn't real and he, in a way, dies.

The Loser by Shel Silverstein


The Loser is about a girl whose head fell off because it wasn't screwed on tight enough. Really what it's about is someone doing something they regret doing. You can tell in the tone they were using.

Pearl Fog by Carl Sandburg


Pearl Fog is about how you lie to yourself and sin, and then in the end your life is taken as you give away all of the lies. You can tell because of the wording of the poem.

The Dead by Susan Mitchell


The Dead is about these ghost who act like humans, by drinking in the kitchen, they read letters. They still haunt kids at their houses, and staying up all night in the houses.