What is Tundra?

The tundra biome is an ecosystem found near the North Pole in the Arctic Circle. Yet it is the coldest of all biomes. The winters are extremely cold with temperatures typically below -34 Celsius. Even though summer only lasts two months but yet very cold temperature ranges 3-12 Celsius it still sustains life animals, insects, and plants are able to thrive there.


More About the Tundra Biome

The tundra biome has about 400 varieties of flowers but only 48 different animals. Some of the plants that are able to thrive in these biome are bearberry, arctic moss, Caribou moss, Diamond leaf willow, Labrador Tea,Pasque Flower, and the Tufted Saxifrage. Animals eat these plants to gain energy and to keep them warm, some of the animals that live in these biome are the caribou,Ermine, water birds, mosquitoes, polar bears, arctic fox, white wolves, grizzly bears, gray falcons, bald eagles, bumble bees, squirrels, Norway lemmings, shrew, and voles. As we can see even though the Tundra Biome is the most coldest of all biomes it contains life as well it also covers 20% of the earth which is very interesting.