Improving Race Relations

Written by: Kayla Stamper

Slavery in America

Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangle Trade. The Triangle Trade was a system where Slaves, crops, and manufactures where traded. The system included Africa, Britain, and the American colonies. The Triangle Trade separated families. Slaves were shipped by large cargo ships. So many slaves were needed in the New World because America had so much land and needed help. The climate in the South caused there to be more slaves. There were larger plantations in the South. The seasons were longer too. The Cotton Gin was invented in 1793 by Eli Whitney. The invention of the Cotton Gin increased the number of slaves needed in the South.

Blacks in America were treated poorly. You had to have free papers to show that your are not a slave. Blacks in the North were often kidnapped and sold into slavery. Free blacks in the North feared being taken. The masters would rape the women to get them pregnant and have their child be the master's slave. If a slave was caught trying to run away or escape, they would be punished. They would be beaten, whipped, have something heavy on their ankle to prevent them from running away again, and some had their foot cut off. Every master was different.

Blacks were treated differently than people who were white. They were separated from one another. There were signs that said "Whites only" and "Blacks only". They each had their own version of the thing they wanted. Blacks had their own water fountains, public bathrooms, restaurants, their own place to sit on the bus, and ect. Rosa Parks refused to give up her spot on the bus to a white man and then later got arrested. If you were black and was caught doing something you weren't supposed to, you were hung. If you were white, you would get a trail.

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My Plan to Improve the Race relations in America

There are still racial tensions in America today. It is everywhere. Some think that if you are skin color is darker than than a white mans, you are going to steal something. You get weird looks just walking into an establishment. Concern about race grew during the year when the cruel realities of police brutality were frequently highlighted. They were all of twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. It appeared on the news and in the newspaper too. The deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York spurred the "Black Lives Matter" movement on social media and in nationwide protests.

I have a plan to improve race relations in America. My plan is make a video game. The game will be able to play on any mobile device but it would be best to use the "Oculus Rift". They are glasses that make it seem you are in the game. The game will be called "Race Simulator: A Game To Help Stop Racism" and basically you walk around town and the people in the video game see you as that race and the people will feel negative about you. In the game, you experience what it is like being in another races shoes. You experience the name calling, weird looks, and other things like that. You also experience what your characters emotions are. The game will make you want to change the way you see people. You will want to change the way you act towards others. There will be a survey at the beginning and end of the game. They will be the exact same survey. As the creator of this product, I expect the answers to be different from the answers you chose at the beginning of the game. My goal is to change your mind about races. After you take the survey there will be a graph will the number of people who answered the question with the same answer.

KAYLA stamper
This Will Change The Way You Think (Racism Experiment)