Private Investigator

Are you interested in this career?

What do they do?

When people think about a Private Investigator, the first thing that comes to mind is crime. A Private Investigator is hired by groups or individuals for any type of unsolved case. They gather information about legal, financial, personal, etc... matters. They do many amazing things such as, finding missing people, verifying peoples backgrounds and statements, and investigating computer crimes.

Pay Scale and Education

The pay scale for a Private Investigator varies on how outstanding and hardworking you are. The median wage for a Private Investigator is $45,610 per year. That may seem very little but a hardworking Investigator can get up to $80,000 per year! In order to be a Private Investigator you will need a High School Diploma or equivalent and you will need a Private Investigator license.

Work Days and Responsibilities

Private Investigators, either in their offices, doing interviews, etc... all have responsibilities. They play an important role in assisting individuals, corporations and law enforcement agencies. Most responsibilities involve helping to find missing people or performing research on many crime investigations.
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