Pharisees Disbelief in Jesus

His authority, His teachings, and power

Pharisees Question Jesus' Authority

Jesus' Disciples travel with him on the Sabbath, through a field of grains, they began to make a path while picking the heads of the grains for food. But the Pharisees questioned this saying that they are doing is unlawful. But he explained to them, when you are in need of food or are hungry you must eat. He also explained how the Sabath was made for man, not man made for the Sabath, so the Son of Man is still lord even on the Sabath.

Mark 2: 23-28

Pharisees Question Jesus' Teachings

After Jesus and his people had gathered in Judea and there was a large crowd, The Pharisees decided to test Jesus. They asked him "Is it lawful for a husband to divorce his wife?" But Jesus quesitons them back he asks them what Moses had commanded, and they tell him "Moses permitted him to write a bill of divorce and dismiss her." But Jesus tries to explain to them the point of marriage is not to divorce, but to be joined by a wife and become one with one another. Also he tells them that Whoever divorces their partner and marries another commits adultery against that person.

Mark 10:1-12

The Pharisees Question Jesus' Power

While Jesus was infront of a crowd, they again coame and questioned him. But instead this time they tell him how he is a truthful man and that he is not concerened with anyone's opinion but they ask him to tell them if it is lawful to pay Caesar's tax or not. Jesus questions why they test him so much, and do not believe. But he still tells them to bring one of the denarius to him, after reading trough it and understanding it is Caesar's, he tells the people "Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God." and all were completely astonished.

Mark 12:13-17