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"A School of Excellence"

Principal's Message

We successfully made it through a busy week in TigerLand! Thanks to everyone for all of your support and willingness to be flexible during the first administration of the SC Ready State Assessment. It was obvious that our students worked hard and took their time. Special shout out to Ms. Jeffcoat for all that she did as the School Testing Coordinator to make our test administration "stress free."

It's hard to believe that it is already May! As you know, this is the time of year when discipline referrals increase. Therefore, everyone will need to be extra vigilant around the building. Please be sure to stand in front of your classroom door at the change of every class. In addition, I need for everyone to change your normal routine during your assigned duty. Please be sure to walk around and keep your eyes and ears open for possible misbehavior. It is a known fact that staff presence can help serve as a deterrent and can ensure a quicker response to issues which may arise.

A Teacher for All Seasons

A teacher is like Spring,

Who nurtures new green sprouts,

Encourages and leads them,

Whenever they have doubts.

A teacher is like Summer,

Whose sunny temperament

Makes studying a pleasure,

Preventing discontent.

A teacher is like Fall,

With methods crisp and clear,

Lessons of bright colors

And a happy atmosphere.

A teacher is like Winter,

While it's snowing hard outside,

Keeping students comfortable,

As a warm and helpful guide.

Teacher, you do all these things,

With a pleasant attitude;

You're a teacher for all seasons,

And you have my gratitude!

By Joanna Fuchs

Have a great week!

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Thank for all that you do!

This week is officially Teacher Appreciation Week--- A week in which we take time out to celebrate "The Profession". We will include all of our Faulty and Staff during our weeklong celebration because we know that it takes everyone to help us achieve our goals.

Celebration Time!

Monday- "Get your Monday Morning Started" with Breakfast by Your PTO

Tuesday- "Make your own Ice Cream Sundae" with Student Government ( Mini Faculty Gathering)

Wednesday- "A Special Treat" from Your Leadership Team & A Special Appreciation from the students

Thursday- "How about a Trigger Point Massage?" ( check your email for sign-up)

Friday- "Let's Chow Down"- Luncheon From Administration

Daily Drawings with gifts and prizes from PTO

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