Name Perspective

Miss Meyer

How to Create You Name in Perspective

You need:
  • white paper
  • ruler/straight edge
  • markers/colored pencils

In this lesson one point perspective is combined with an optical illusion. This also utilizes the elements of art: shape, line, form and color.

-Place the paper horizontally. Draw a small dot on the right side of the sheet, about half way. -Take a ruler and draw five lines from the dot to the left side of the sheet.

-Draw five lines from the dot to the top of the paper and five lines to the bottom.

-Draw increasing circles around the dot until the sheet is full.

-Draw your name in blockletters between the lines; use the width of three blocks.

Make the letters three-dimensional by drawing shadows on the left sides and undersides (if you need help, let me know).

-Color the front of the letters.

-Color the shadows with a darker color.

-Color the blocks alternately with two colors, like a checker board. You may also use one color and leave the resting blocks white.

Outline the letters with a marker to be sure letters will really pop out of the sheet.