is it a bad thing?

Research Questions

-Is it a bad thing?

-Where does it happen?

-How do most people react?

-Whats the best way to handle it?

-Is it really teasing or is it bullying?

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When it comes to teasing most people automatically assume its bullying and comes from being mean and meant to hurt. After all the research I have come to a different conclusion. When someone is teasing you usually it’s meant as play, it’s meant to build friendships and trust between children and even sometimes adults. You may think that would be a crazy thing to do for building trust between two people but in reality it makes perfect sense. As is stated in the website changingminds.org says, “As well as testing the trust of the other person, teasing demonstrates trust in them. If I trust you then I will assume you will not interpret my teasing as an insult or a threat, and that you will laugh rather than become angry with me.” However, teasing can become bullying very quickly can sometimes unnoticeable so of course you have to be careful. When someone just comes out and says something rude that is not acceptable but you have to teach you children to know the difference so they don’t get defensive right away. Which is stated by msppinterface.org when they say “Begin by teaching self control strategies first. Start with a discussion about teasing, carefully and explicitly describing situations when your child should try to handle the teasing himself/herself and when he/she should not try to manage the teaser.” So you have to be careful, you really should just be nice and an ally to everybody.


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