The Beaver

The one with the big teeth

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It's scientific name is Castor Canedinsis

It's average weight is 60 lbs.

it's average length is 60-100 cm.

It's average height is 2 meters.


Beavers like to snack on twigs, leaves, underwater plants, herbs, saplings and flowers. They are sometimes eaten by bears, weasels, lynxes, foxes, coyotes, minks and wolves.
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Interesting facts

A beaver can hold their breath for fifteen minuets at a time and can swim five miles per hour! They are also nocturnal, they do not hibernate and have naturally oily and waterproof fur.
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Interesting Caractoristics

Beavers have a flat, long and wide tail. They also have very large teeth which never stop growing but are worn down by cutting down trees. Beavers also have webbed feet.
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Beavers live in wetlands, rivers, lakes and forests across North America, Europe and Asia.
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One of a beaver's adaptations is it's huge teeth. They help it chomp down trees for it's dams and lodges. ( Lodges are beaver homes ). They don't wear down because beaver teeth never stop growing.

By Andre