The Diary Of Anne Frank

Otto Frank


In the diary of Anne Frank one of the themes is hate, concerning one group hating another for no reason. One of the reasons there was hate in the families was when Peter said that he wanted to burn his star because he hated being different than everybody else.Hate is a word used everyday of our lives. It can mean many different things. Peter shows hate when he says, " You can't throw...? Something they branded you with...? That they made you where so they could spit on you?" Another example of hate would be when


Another theme is that Faith can get you through obstacles. Anne had faith when she was talking bout how she knows that she's going to do something good with her life. She was also talking about how she wanted to be a writer and how she's going to Paris when the war is over. She says," I'd cut my throat first! I'd open my veins! I'm going to be remarkable! I'm going to Paris...". This describes how she will show faith when she gets through the obstacle of the nazis in control of the Jews. Another example of Anne shows faith is that she will be rescued by the allies, on page 427 Meip says,"Mr. Frank ...the most wonderful news!...The invasion has begun!" It shows faith because the believe the allies are going to save them. Also on page 394 it says ," and yesterday I finished Cissy Van Markvelts latest book. I think she is a first-class writer. I shall definitely let my children read her." It shows faith because Anne believes that she won't always be in the ennex.


Another theme is hope can make you believe that you can keep on fighting through the pain. A example of hope is when Anne writes in her diary about what she is feeling about her mother. On page 400 Anne says ," I can't help it. I only told the truth. I didn't want her here...". Another example is when Anne is talking to enter about how she still wants to stay Jewish after all the things that have happened with the war and the nazis.
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Otto Frank was born in Switzerland on May 8, 1889. He had 2 daughters. His wife's name was Edith Frank. He servived the holocaust and died on Aug 18,1980. His daughters diary is known well by everyone.