Newsletter Issue 3 Term 2

Bellevue School 3rd June 2021

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Tēnā koutou kātoa e te whānau,

What an eventful week it was last week. The Cross Country was a real highlight as our first ever ‘House Event’ (if you scroll down the page you'll learn all about the houses). The children have been training hard this term and the results reflected the effort that they have all put in - great perseverance was seen from many. The Disco was another highlight.

Something that stands out for me, as I’m new to Bellevue School this year, is the respectful and responsible way that our tamariki conduct themselves, even during the height of excitement. This was evident at the Cross Country and at the Disco.

In this week’s newsletter we have a focus on our international students. There are many challenges that our International families have faced as a result of Covid 19, the biggest must be being separated from families for such a long period of time.

Short and sweet from me this week as you’ll need time to read through the articles below.

Ngā manaakitanga

Anna Meehan

School Disco

What an awesome disco last week! Thank you to the PTA, parents and staff for making it safe and fun. Thank you to our students for your amazing behaviour and participation. I think I can spot a certain DJ at the front who didn't stop dancing all night!
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International Students

Bellevue School is a school with a diverse cultural makeup which provides many benefits for our students. In particular this diversity helps our students understand and respect different viewpoints, values, customs, and languages.

The last 12 months have brought a different set of challenges for our International families, being separated from family for longer than initially planned. In spite of this, the children continue to be positive and happily involve themselves in all school activities. While they are here they enjoy the benefits of the acquisition of english language skills and the opportunity to learn in a very different educational setting that promotes learner agency. And we enjoy the benefit of learning more about the Korean culture.

Asher and Minji

Minji and Asher
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From the Deputy Principal's Desk

You may be asking how we came to choose the new House names and why.

There were various themes and ideas considered for houses. We chose native trees for a number of reasons. Our majestic pōhutukawa standing sentinel beside the office is the centerpiece of our school logo. The opportunity to build on this theme using other existing native trees was a sound and logical development. Our school environment and the care of it going forward is also important to us. The trees provide a connection point for students in a meaningful way. We wanted to use genuine trees as opposed to shrubs and we wanted trees already existing on the school site. As an establishment activity, Houses have been asked to research and create an information graphic about their house tree that will ultimately become permanent signage under the tree. This will look similar to other signage that you may be familiar with at places such as the Salt Marsh, Otūmoetai Pa site etc.

So without wanting to steal their thunder, here are a few things about each house and their tree.


The oldest of our house trees is situated beside the junior playground. It has been providing shade and climbing experiences for our tamariki for decades. Pūriri are known for their stubbornness and ability to survive, and can often be seen the worse for wear in a field or park, yet still producing new shoots. The house colour is red and this is linked to the beautiful pink flowers and red berries that the tree produces pretty much year round. This has enabled pūriri to be a consistent food and medicinal source for Māori. As you can see there are many positive comparisons between pūriri, school, and the aspirations we have for our students.


We are very privileged to have a golden tōtara in the school bush below the office. Covered in its yellow spiky leaves it is easy to see the connection between the Māori word - tara, which means spike or thorn, and the tree. Yellow is the House colour. Respected by Māori and European for the longevity and durability of its wood which gave it a wide range of uses. It has been a mainstay of carving and waka building along with medicinal and food uses for Māori; the tōtara tree is a sustaining force in the forest and a metaphor for many of the qualities we seek to develop in all our students.


A prized native also known as the NZ Oak. Blue was chosen for tītoki to represent the blue water ocean and the travels that both Māori and Europeans, from the continent of oaks and distant pacific shores have made to live in Aotearoa. Tītoki was once valued for the high quality oil contained within its seeds. An aspirational reminder of the quality of education, values and experiences that we strive to deliver to all students at Bellevue School. You can view the tītoki tree beside the swimming pool.


Towering over all in the school bush is the mighty kauri. Exuding strength and commanding respect. Kauri timber is versatile and has been used historically for house and boat building (Including masts), and carving, as well as the gum having multiple uses. Kauri are also a haven for many other flora and fauna who find sustenance and security within its crowned top - green was therefore a logical colour for this House. Again the symbolism and qualities of kauri align well with the school values.

Current Policy Reviews

The policy review for parents this term is

Reporting to Parents on Student Progress and Achievement

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the username (bellevue) and password (responsible).
  3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.
  4. Read the policy.
  5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  6. Select the reviewer type "Parent".
  7. Enter your name (optional).
  8. Submit your ratings and comments.
  9. If you don't have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy and a review form.


Cross Country

We had a great day last Tuesday with all our children competing in our annual cross country. This was our first school wide event where we competed in our houses. The house spirit was amazing to hear and the smiles on everyone's faces as they heard their house cheering for them was great to see.

A big thank you to all those parents who came to help as marshalls and support us all as spectators.

The winning house for Cross Country 2021 was Titoki.

Congratulations to these children who have qualified to represent our school at the East Cluster cross country competition on Tuesday 15th June. We know you will do your personal best and show our Bellevue values when representing Bellevue.

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Week 6
  • Accord Teacher Only Day - Tuesday 8th June (school closed)
  • PTA Sushi Lunch - Thursday 10th June
Week 9
  • Parent/student/teacher conferences - Thursday 1st July (school is open for conferences only)
Week 10
  • Reports sent home - Thursday 8th July


2021 Term Dates

Term 2 – 03 May – 09 July

Term 3 - 26 July – 01 Oct

Term 4 – 18 Oct – 16 Dec

2021 Accord Teacher Only Days (all Otumoetai Kāhui Ako Primary and Intermediate Schools)

Tuesday 8th June

Monday 23rd August

Tuesday 26th October

Absences and Lateness

All students who are late must sign in at the office when they arrive.

If your student will be absent, please either call the absentee line on 07 576 5916 and press 1 or text 027 379 6136.

If your child is going to be away during term time for an extended period of time, please inform the school in writing.