diabetes cost and sovled

by marshal zufall

diabetes cost the u.s 245 billion dollars in 2013 since then by my math now in 2015 it costs 355 billion dollars. diabetes affects 29 million people in the u.s that's 9.3 percent of the american population. some ways to help prevent this rise in cost and hopefully lower the cost and the amount of people who have problems such as being able to afford medication and having medicine that will be most effective.because the company's that make the medicine charge you more money for there product when you can buy a cheaper brand that is way more effective. one way to fix this is to monitor each family's income to determine how much they can afford to spend without taking something away or making problems a cure just keep things simple with no hoops to jump through. because insurance and taxes and other things like that can affect you and what you can afford to do. because 3.8 million people die each year from diabetes that's all of Chicago and then some and by and then some i mean 1.29 million people. now by saying this i don't want people to think that these are the only problems because its not because people think that they have to place sanctions or rules or get rid of things to make it so people wont be over weight or that making smaller portion will make people want to eat less because that's all a lye these things are hurting the u.s making people pay more money for less food is making people who cant afford many things or people who are struggling to make sacrifices that can cause many problems. but another thing is taking away cartoon charitures or not letting sirtan things air because it is suggesting unhealthy or idiotic or even violent behavior. like the cookie monster or some other cartoons the government should not be filtering or telling people how much to eat or what we can watch on TV because there are some people who cant control themselves. or there re some overprotective parents who think because they don't like something nobody can see it. because over protecting kids and not letting them experience things on there own can make some very ignorant people that think its OK to be over baring and not letting kids have any fun at the risk of getting hurt so you my think what this has to do with diabetes well when people are over baring or to protective they don't let there kids enjoy sweets or unhealthy foods so when they grow up and try these foods they could tend to over do it or take it way to far resulting in heath problems and even death now you my think that this is irrelevant and there are rarely ever if ever any cases of this but if we continue to tell people and influence kids on what they can and cant do by not letting them watch certain things on TV or eat sertian amounts of things they will tend to do it anyway and over eat or do things excessively. so let kids learn about healthy eating and why its important to exercise and stuff like that and teach them about diabetes to help with knowledge the end.