The Golden Goblet

Gian Ferre

Character summary

The main character Ranofer is a boy whose father died and he lives with an unknown step brother who is venomous. His brother whips him and his father figure is his master. He works as a blacksmith’s apprentice.


His master says the amount of gold is depleted. He finds out that Ibni a theif who was very surly had stolen gold furtively and given them to Gebu in wine and he would dump it out nocturnally. Ibni got fired and was menial. When investigating Gebu finds a golden goblet and knows he stole it. Gebu thought Ranofer was an imbecile but he followed Gebu to a tomb and caught him. Catching him made him remove his belligerent side that wanted to fight his brother. Who knows how much money he would have had if he bartered the gold.

Regional App and Evaluation

This book has ancient Egyptian culture in it. It tells a tale of a boy who works in a goldsmiths shop. There are characters who whip the workers. There is a pharaoh and ancient tombs with treasure. They also have Egyptian names and the characters seem Egyptian.

This book was slow in the beginning but started getting better. The regional culture was obvious and the book was good. I think if it was faster and more story would be better.

Overall this book was good was well wrought. The book was not a fiasco.