Bulldog Bulletin

Next week will be the best week yet at "The Park!" 2/1/2016

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This Week

Monday- Attendance for Credit Meeting

Tuesday-Science Night

Wednesday- Coffee with the Principaws

Thursday- TELPAS Meeting After School (only 30 minutes)

Friday- Morning Huddle, 100 Days of School Parade

Upcoming Events

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Flipped PD

Ms. Garcia and Ms. Castro- Please wear jeans next week for being our first participants!

There is now a mailbox on my door to submit any paperwork.

Link to folder: Link to Folder: http://tinyurl.com/jzy8nbl

Collaboration Menu

During our campus data walk last week, one of the things we discussed with the teachers and admin was building a collaboration menu for teachers to pull ideas from for their instruction. We are really excited to put this through to the teachers as you will have the option to take ideas as well as create ideas and share them with others across all content areas.

In the attachment included, it will provide you with each of the areas in which you can participate such as: vocabulary strategies, making a flipped PD, adding of video of you doing a best practice, completing a flipped PD, visiting another teachers' classroom, and writing a reflection of another teachers' video. Also included in the attachment, there are links that take you to each of the templates/links to folders to complete/see strategies and ideas.

There is also an incentive for participating in the Collaboration Menu. On the attachment, under each category, it tells you how many times you get your name in the drawing. At the end of each week, each teacher's name will go into the drawing for however many categories they have completed (it can be as many times as you do) and Cameron will draw 2 names for prizes such as: extended lunch, leaving an hour early, special parking spot, jeans day, etc. (IF YOU HAVE IDEAS FOR OTHER PRIZES THAT WE CAN GIVE AWAY, PLEASE LET ONE OF US KNOW AS WE ARE OPEN TO MORE SUGGESTIONS!)

If you create or complete a flipped PD, there will be a basket on Cameron's office door to which you will turn them in and one of the ILT members will sign off to give you credit.

FINALLY, there will be a drawing tomorrow as Ms. Castro and Ms. Garcia-Hernandez have both created new flipped PDs this week so their names will be entered!

Sorry for the long email! Please respond with any questions/concerns you have about this menu. Hopefully this email was clear but can always clarify anything if needed!

Bulldog Teacher of the Week- Mrs. Hackney

Mrs. Hackney is our Bulldog Teacher of the WEEK! She is instrumental in helping the SST team. She helps out with testing and is always a giant support for our school. Mrs. Hackney teaches TAG and the students are always anxious to come see her. Thanks for all that you do Mrs. Hackney. Please use the Teacher of the Week SPOT that will be painted bright blue. It is yours for the week!
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