Get To Know Me

An Introduction to Sophia Merrell


My name is Sophia Merrell. I am currently a Sophomore at PSU, but was born and raised in Washington. I spent most of my life living on Whidbey Island, so it is very different to be spending most of my time immersed in the city.

I am very close with my family. I have a brother & sister who both still live in WA with my parents, and a pet cat named Crash.

I love to read, drink coffee, eat pizza, and explore Portland.

My Job

I work for the Office of Admissions here at Portland State. This includes answering questions about the admissions process both by phone, and email. It is very interesting to learn about the admissions process from different lenses, and to encourage other people to come to PSU.

As for my future employment, I hope to become a high school English teacher. I am very passionate about both reading, and writing. I am very excited to hopefully encourage students to become passionate about the power that words can have. English was always my favorite subject to study in high school, and I can't wait to continue to develop this passion.

My Personal Enjoyments

I am a DJ for the college radio station on campus (KPSU). I have an hour long segment every Friday night at 9PM. Here I play music and talk about music. I am very interested in hearing new bands, and listening to new music. It has been very fun to make playlists, and to search for new music.

You can access my past radio podcasts here.

I also really love to sing. Although it is more of a hobby than anything serious, it is nice to have an outlet for when I am feeling overly stressed by "the real world".