Comic Relief

Help us raise money for kids in Ghana, Africa.

My cousin and I are trying to raise money for kids in Ghana, we want to help them gain a better life.

I'm Madeline, and my cousin's name is Lexie. We've been aware of the situation for the little kids in Africa, and we want to help them get an education, get vacines for diseases, and gain a better home. Everyday, kids die over there. And it's simply because they don't have the money for a cure, while the vacine only costs roughly $9.50 in the U.S. We want to ask for your help and support. Email us at or if you're interested in making a difference for kids with really tough lives.

Help us raise awareness.

Raise awareness

Help us make a difference. No one deserves to live in a place like that, in those conditions. Kids, newborns, get sick and they don't have a chance at life without medicine that's nearly impossible for the hospitals to obtain over in Africa. Think about it, don't you want to help them too? Donating just $9.50 will help them get better, and it'll give them a second chance at life.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, please email us at the emails listed above or simply text 'YES' to 70005 to donate. Each text will go to Comic Relief and directly to the kids in Ghana. You must be 16 or older & please ask the bill payer's permission. For full terms and conditions & more information please visit

Are motivation

Hi, I am Alexis and the reason I want to do this is because I was never aware of how bad kids in Africa had it and I always thought my life was bad, but now seeing One Direction in Ghana has changed that thought a lot.. so I not only wanted to help but needed to help.

Hi, my name's Madeline, and I've become very aware of the situation in Africa. We may be just kids, but we want to help as much as we can. I knew that the kids in Ghana had a rough time, but I never knew how bad it really was. I want to turn their whole lives around and make it so much better, and we can do something about it. We don't have to sit around and watch on the side lines, thinking we can't do anything to help them, but we can.