By Orlando Foster

What is a smart watch

A smart watch is a new aged type of mobile device that has the physical characteristics of a wrist watch, but actually uses light to project digitally simulated images, like a phone or computers. These often have the characteristics of a smart phone, as it can be used to call, text, and search online. It can also be used as a medical assist as it can be used to keep track of a persons heart rate.

The history of smart watches

  • the first model of a digitized watch was the pulsar, and was manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company. it was later distributed by the famous watch company, SEIKO.
  • SEIKO then start updating the watch to have computing ability. the first model was released in 1984, and was compatible with popular PCs. it was quite effective, but only had a memory of 112 digits.
  • over the courses of many years, this idea was picked up and improved by many companies, as Samsung in 1999 created the first watch phone, IBM releasing a watch with computerized abilities, with a built-in computerized fingerprint sensor. IBM later released a prototype in which had software, Bluetooth, 8 MB of RAM and 16 MB of Flash memory. the only problem was, it's life efficiency was short, being 6 hours, but was later bettered by 12 hours. this watch could cost up to $500.
  • Others like the SPOT, wrist PDA, and others were created to help in peoples day to day manual and physical workings.
  • the TrueSmart was the first official watch to have the full capacity of smartphone. it was able to raise millions of dollars for its company in 2013 as it was the first step in creating other items such as the google glass, etc,.

schematics of a smart watch

uses in our modern society

in our world today, smart watches are growing into a popular trend for both the young and old.

  • many fitness trainers recommend smartwatches as a timer and pedometer, which helps athletes with their time management train and helps people who want to do the 10000steps a day exercise efficient.
  • it is a popular mobile device as it can be joined to your phone by Bluetooth and used to call people o the go.
  • it is a popular wireless device as it can be used used to search for things online.
  • it is used as a replacement for the MP3 and used to play music.
  • many people in our world have some sort of medical illness, and as such, the smartwatch helps to efficiently keep track of the person well being. A person with a heart defect for example, uses a smart watch to keep track of their heart rate and notify the police and ambulance in case of an emergency.
  • some smartwatches also have a silent emergency dialer which alerts the police in case of emergency.
  • smart watch can also be used for educational purposes such as internet searches as it can help students do online assignments without the use of a computer.


  • the smart is an electrical digitally operated device which uses light to project images.
  • it often uses a convex lens to magnify the projected image.
  • the smart watch moved from a digitally operated watch with a small amount of light in it in 1970's to the great mobilized internet searcher we know and love today.
  • smart watches have many uses, as it can be used in medical emergency, education, the upkeeping of fitness, etc.