New york

Mateo Moreno

fact's of New york

New york is nicknamed the "The empire state".New york has major producers like:pastas,sauses,cereal,baked goods,wines,yogurt,cider and desserts.A governor named Andrew cuomo a us senstor kristen gillbrand.The motto is excelsior.The climate is below frezeing.And the capital is Albany.The famous land mark is the statue of liberty.

State song:

I Love New York Radio Ad Song, circa 1977-1980

New York labels

Kevin James


Kevin James was born (1965-)In long island,New York April,26.He has accomplished to be an actor and a comidian .Kevin played in movies such as...Paul blart: mall cop,grown ups ,here comes the boom and zoo kepper.And he is in a cbs show called: king of queens.

You should visit times sqare

1:lots of cool places you can visit

2:you can meet new people

3:It's the coolest place in New York

Why you should visit new york:

New York has a lot of places you can visit times square,New york city ,statue of liberty zoo's and parks and you can learn about the state.