Laptop Check-in

June 6th


Before you leave school, you must turn in your school issued Laptop to the technology staff. It will be examined and you will be issued a receipt, noting any charges that you will be billed for.

9th - 11th Grade Laptop Check In Schedule

Monday, June 1st 2015 at 7:30am-3:30pm

Senior Study Hall

Mrs. Hartman's Science 9 classes will be turning in their computers during their science class time. Other students will be checking in their laptops during their classes Monday morning and afternoon.

All machines must be checked in by the end of the school day on Monday.

If you are not attending school on June 6 or June 7, you need to make arrangements to check in your laptop before you leave school.

Possible Charges You Will Be Billed For

Bag Damaged

You may be charged $10 for any physical damage to your bag. This includes a broken or missing strap, broken zippers or any tears and rips.

Broken or Missing Power Cord

The replacement charge for this charger from Apple is approximately $80. You will be billed if your charger is missing and if the connection or wires are frayed or bent in such a way that prevents it from working safely.

We will be checking serial numbers on the charger so that we know that students are turning in the same charger assigned to them. Students are responsible for the charger assigned to them at the beginning of the school year.

Damage Fee

Any damage to the computer is subject to a $150 damage fee (for first time offenders). This includes physical cosmetic damage (scraping, major dents or markings) and damages that prevents the computer from functioning properly (cracked screens, broken keys, dirty track pad, etc.)


Contact Mr. McCarville or Mrs. Huff if you have any questions regarding the laptop check-in procedures.