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Help! I Need to Print on Labels!

Ever try to print on labels or cardstock and have to make 4 trips back and forth to make it happen? Ever have someone print something else on your labels? Here's a quick tip on how to make sure that doesn't happen!

Watch the 30 second video below and follow the printer setting steps. You DO NOT need to go to the printer until after you have officially hit the print button. It will not print until you get there and load your labels into the side tray. (NOT one of the drawers- the tray is on the side and you will probably need to pull it down.) Labels then go label side down. Once you load the labels it will print what you sent!

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In words...

1. Click on print

2. Select "Library Color Printer"

3. Click on "Printer Properties" in blue

4. Select the Paper/Quality tab at the top

5. Change Source dropdown to "Tray 1"

6. Change Type is dropdown to either "labels" or "cardstock"