Inside the Earth

Madison Newsome

Plate boundaries

There are 4 types of plate boundaries, divergent plate boundaries which move apart, convergent plate boundaries which move together, transform plate boundaries which slide past each other, and subduction zones which collide together.

Convection Currents

A Convection current is a current in a fluid that results from convection.The mantle is a thick hot liquid. The core are very hot. As the bottom of the mantle comes in contact with the outer core, it is going to heat up. The hot liquid will rise because it is less dense. As the mantle rises towards the crust, which is cool, it is going to want to move over and cool down.

Convection Currents

Convection currents in the liquid mantle cause the plates to move. At the top of the mantle, the rock encounters the thin crust, and, as it pushes it away, lava flows out from the mantle to form new oceanic crust. These are driven by the heat produced by the decay of radioactive elements and heat left over from the formation of the Earth.