Bill to Law

Bill becomes a Law

  1. Someone has an idea. common people, the president, or congress
  2. bill introduced to congress or all tax bills start in the house of reps
  3. bill given a title and number
  4. sent to standing committee
  5. Congressional members where the bill is introduced debate
  6. Voting in Congress
  7. President

a Bit more explained

Standing committee - mark the bill with changes and suggestions so it can be passed. Pigeonholing the bill. kill the bill with majority vote.

Bill is debated - Talking a bill to death is called a Filibuster.

Filibuster can end if 3/5 of members vote for cloture. no one may speak for more than an hour.

Voting in Congress - House and Senate must pass the same identical bill. if not they must compromise in joint committee

President - the President has the choice to veto the law or sign it so may become a law.

if law is vetoed - congress can override the veto by re-voting on the bill. if there is a 2/3 vote the bill becomes a law.