King Charles I of England

MIchelle Marino

Personal Life

Birth date: November 19, 1600
Death Date: January 30, 1694

Date of Reign: 1625-1649

Married To: Henrietta Maria of France


King Charles Approach to Monarch

King Charles was born in a extremely religious family. Therefore, when he became king. He wanted to get more freedom for the Catholic Church, and exert dominates over parliament. Although, Charles was also head of the Anglican High Church so he favored the Anglican High Church. Since he was born catholic, he secretly allowed Catholics to worship in his wife chapel. As time went on, the parliament recognized the Anglican church was becoming more like the catholic church. They did not like that idea, nor the idea that King Charles wanted to silence the puritans, which caused the parliament to hate him. In the first three years in power, Charles went over parliaments wishes four times.He like the Catholics but promoted many of the High churchmen to prominent offices in the secular government. During his monarchy, Charles had started a civil war to get the Catholics more religious freedom.

Achievments and doucuments

In 1628 when king Charles was looking to go to war, he had every man give him money for his military. If anyone didn't get him money he would put them to jail. Parliament didn't like this so they forced him to sign a petition in the star chamber. Then in 1629, Charles dismissed the parliament all together. There were little achievements made during his monarchy. He had escaped the parliament the first time he got captured during the English Civil War, but he then got captured a second time. Charles was beheaded by the Parliament.