Food Science

Eagle Time Class

Week 5

Today we learned about yeast and gluten while we made bread! We had a blast watching the yeast get foamy after adding it to water and sugar. We also learned how to knead bread and discussed how kneading helps make the gluten fibers stronger and closer together which helps bread rise and take on its familiar shape!
How Yeast Works in Bread

Week 4

Sugar Crystals! We learned about supersaturated solutions and then we created our own using sugar, the microwave, and water. It was semi-successful. We've been watching our crystals grow for a week and there are some that are making crystals and some that are not. A few chose to take them home today and the rest are waiting another week to see what happens!
Let's Make Sugar Crystals! - Mr. Wizard's Supermarket Science

Week 3

Bouncing Naked Eggs! That's right. Those eggs we walked on last week lost their shells (thanks to vinegar) and then we got to bounce them. It was definitely a messy, long, stinky process but the results were worth it in the end. You and your scientist can continue their experiment at home by putting the egg into corn syrup and then back into water. More specific directions are in the video below!
The Sci Guys: Science at Home - SE1 - EP14: The Naked Egg and Osmosis
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Week 2

This week we learned that the arch is very strong! We tested this out by walking on eggs. We didn't have 100% success, but only ended up breaking 1 out of 5 dozen! Not too shabby.

After cleaning up our Egg Walking activity, we made some Magic Milk. We learned about surface tension in water and watched what happened when soap reacted with milk to make food coloring swirl around. It was a lot of fun to watch! We then added baking soda and vinegar to our Magic Milk to make some Exploding Milk. It didn't really explode though, so we think it should be called Foaming Milk!

Check out the pictures below.

Week 1

This week we learned about CO2 and did some experiments involving CO2. Our first experiment was "dancing raisins" where the carbonation from soda make the raisins "dance" and move around. We also did it with sparkling water, and found that the raisins didn't "dance" at all.

We also made "Frankenworms." Gummi worms were sliced then soaked in baking soda and water for 15 minutes. After soaking they were added to vinegar and began to move around.

All the supplies are things you might have at home if you want to try it again. See the video below for the "Frankenworms" activity.

Kitchen Science: Dancing Gummy Worms!