"Low Country"

A Little about Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in West Europe.

The population of the Netherlands consists of 16,877,351 people,

Netherlands covers an area of 41,543 square kilometers

The Netherlands is divided into 12 regions,

Netherlands was established in 1581.

The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam,

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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands

Amsterdam city live about 800 thousand people.

Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam during First World War,

Amsterdam you can find the red light district.

At Amsterdam we can find Anne Frank house,Anne frank born at 1929.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank born at 12 June 1929 and died at February 1945.

Anne Frank was at the holocaust,Anne Frank help to children and to people at the holocaust.

Anthem Netherlands

Stan Leonard

National Anthem of The Netherlands - Nederlands Volkslied - het Wilhelmus by Stan Leonard

The leaders of Netherlands

Dutch cheese

Dutch cheeses are the tastiest cheese-sustainability .

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