NC State University

Samuel Olivares

Reason For Going

-NC State University is a good school and I feel like this school is going to help me with the career I want to have. Also, I want to be in some of the programs they have at the school.

Tuition & Total Cost

-The tuition at NC State is $4,418.21 for a full time student who spends 12+ hours taking classes

-The total cost per year for a student at NC State is $22,954.

Location and Distance of NC State University

-The location of the school is in Raleigh, North Carolina.

-The distance of the school from home is 55.1 miles which takes about 52 minutes without traffic to get to NC State.

Extracurricular Activity

-An extracurricular activity that I would like to be in is to be in the NC State band. There many kinds such as the marching band, the pep band, wind ensemble, & a jazz band. They are also called the "The Power Sound of the South".
The Star Spangled Banner NCSU Marching Band (The Power Sound of the South) 10-27-13

Area of Study

-An area of study that I would want to do is in engineering at the school. There are about 9,100 in the engineering program. I want to obtain a degree in Industrial Engineering.
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Graduation Rate

-The graduation rate at NC State in four years is 41%. In five years the rate goes up some and it is 68%. In six years it goes up even more to 71%.
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Possible Career Choice

-The career choice I have in mind is an industrial engineer. Some things they do is to find ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes.They find efficient ways to produce stuff.
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Connection between School, Degree, and Career Choice

-The way that the degree that I chose is connected to my career choice is that, that degree leads to the career of an Industrial Engineer. The school is one of the best engineering schools.


-The median salary for an industrial engineer is $78,860. That's how much the middle engineers make a year.