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Will technology inprove too much?

The breakthrough's of technology has endangered 47% of the total employment of jobs while at the same time 75% of people will be unemployed by the end of the century. The improvement of technology has affected our physical health and our enviorment such as sleepiness and less focus.

Is technology helping us or not?

Obesity rates in children have tripled in the past 25 years but in recent events technology is blamed by Collenbine highschool for the horrific shooting 2 teenager shot and killed 13 students and injured 20 more students before the commited suicide. The school is blaming violent videogames for the actions of these 2 teenagers.

Will technology breakdown or build up?

cyberbullying has had a huge increase of online use while on the other hand kids are thanking technology for more oppertunities on the devices also families are having stronger communicatons with family members like snapchat,facetime,facebook and much more it all allows you to communicate in many different ways.

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