Genre Project

By: Pravallika Akula


They are novels that have lots of action and involve danger, risk taking, and excitement


It's a genre where the author wrote a book about him/herself's life


It's a book the author wrote about somebody else's life or experience


A genre which the story is make believe or not realistic

Historical Fiction

It's a novel when the setting and action of the story take place in the past


A book which is cheerful or funny and almost always ends with the characters being happy


It's a book the author wrote about him/herself and is written in

first-person point of view. (kind of like an autobiography)


It is a book in which a detective (or other professional) solves a crime or series of crimes

Realistic Fiction

It's a novel having events that could happen in real life


It's a novel where there is love between two people and in the ending the characters are usually happy

Science Fiction

It's a genre in which the novel often has science and technology of the future.


A genre which the story has lots of suspense, action, and sometimes horror