Maelan Hauswirth

Nosy Be,Madagascar

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Getting There

To get to Nosy Be, Madagascar you have to take a flight from Denver,CO to Antananarivo,Madagascar which would take twenty nine hours and eleven minutes, from there you would travel to Nosy Be which would take one hour and thirty five minutes. In all, the time you traveled on the plane rides would be thirty hours and forty six minutes so it would be a good idea to bring a pillow and something to do while you are on the plane.

Where to Stay

I stayed at a place called Vanila Hotel and Spa that had a beach shuttle that you could buy.Also,the hotel had two outdoor swimming pools if you were tired of salt water and a full service spa that you could relax in.
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While staying in Nosy Be I went to three different places for activities called Nosy Komba Plongee, Lokobe Nature Special Reserve,and Forever Dive. At the Nosy Komba Plongee we went whale watching and went to their diving school. At the Lokobe Nature Special Reserve we saw a lot of different kinds of lemurs and also snakes while trekking through the forest. Lastly we went to Forever Dive and got to swim with sea turltes and watch big schools of fish swim above us.

History and Culture

Did you know that the first humans came to Madagascar 2,000 years ago using outrigger canoes coming from India,Africa,and Arabia? Also in 1833 the French attacked Madagascar and went through three years of war, after that Madagascar became a French protectorate(a state that is controlled and protected by another).


Most people in Madagascar speak Malagasy and French, English is not widely spoken so bringing along a french phrase book or learning some French before you leave would help a lot. Also, you could pick up sicknesses in Madagascar like Malaria and it would not be fun traveling while you are sick.The easy solution is to get your vaccinations and talk to your doctor.


I chose Nosy Be,Madagascar as my place to go because I have always wanted to visit Madagascar and Nosy Be seemed like a cool place in Madagascar to go.

About the Traveler

I have never traveled out of the United States but I have left Colorado more than once in my life.Also,I have lots of pets including a 10 year old pink kissing gourami.