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December 4, 2015

Quote of the Week

“Be curious, logical, and collaborative.”

- Richard Dawkins

The Good Stuff!

Staff PD

Thank you for your efforts at our recent Staff DPPD session on Wednesday. In reviewing some of the worksheets that were turned in, it appears that your department efforts have paid off in terms of improving student proficiency on various exam questions. Whether it was a re-worded question, more emphasis of a particular concept or re-thinking instructional sequence, it paid off! GREAT JOB!! The next step in this process is to take that data and continue to utilize it within your classrooms.

The awesome thing about our profession (and this building in particular) is the ability to collaborate on our curiosities (like the quote above states). Are you ever curious about how another staff members students scored on particular questions on the exam? Feel free to ask! Maybe even schedule a time to observe a particular lesson or technology strategy. There are ONLY positives that will come from acting on your curiosity - educationally speaking. Another, more formal action step would be to sign up for a Classroom Learning Lab. I promise you will thoroughly enjoy it!

Staff Well Wishes

For those of you that do not know, this will be Joe Veal's last day of school in 2015. Joe is undergoing a hip replacement procedure on Monday and will need the rest of the month to recover and rehab.

Wishing you a safe surgery and a speedy recovery Joe! Can't wait to see what your 40 time will be after the new year!!

Staff Bowling Competition

Just a reminder that the RFC will have two bowling teams competing in the RPS Staff Bowling Competition today at 3:30pm at Rockford Lanes.

Our teams will be on Lane 6 and 7.

Feel free to join Elizabeth "Bowls are For Centerpieces" Switzer and show your support for:

Keary “The Spare Hammer” Bakita

Craig “I Eat Turkeys For Breakfast” Denton

Ray “Perfect Game King Pin” Plath

Angela “I Can Say STRIKE in English and French” Anderson

Laura “I Own the 10th Frame” Todd

Sarah "You've Never Bowled a 301 Before?" Youngberg

Tom “The 7-10 Split is for Sissies” VanBragt

Jerad "If You Don't Have a 49 Degree Axis Tilt, You're Leaving Pins on the Lane" Konwinski

Tom “I’m Not Ashamed of Living in the Gutter” Hosford


Faces in the Crowd - Jennifer Fike

Jennifer is our School Psychologist and is new to the FC this year. She has been in education 15 years and has also been on staff at Belmont, Cannonsburg, Crestwood, Lakes, Meadow Ridge, and Parkside, as well as helped out with evals at North, East, and Roguewood.

Fun Fact - Native of Louisville, KY and therefore can pronounce the name of the city correctly. (How should it be pronounced?)

Hobbies - Love spending time on lakes and boats, reading, decorating, and embarrassingly - shopping. CHA-CHING!

Favorite Treat - Dark chocolate covered graham crackers. BAM!

Anything Else? - I’m equally nervous and excited to learn the secondary role here at the FC, and very thankful for a great start!

Welcome to the Freshman Center family Jennifer!!!

Educational Resource

I just read a great blog from Edutopia last week called 4 Ways to Refuel Your Gratitude, by Rebecca Alber. It is a quick read that provides four strategies to help you re-frame your situation. #3 is relevant to the discussion above...


Upcoming Dates

December 9 - BIT Meeting - 2:45pm in Main Office Conference Room

December 11 - Staff Breakfast - World Studies

December 14 - Board of Education Meeting - 7:30pm @ Central Office

December 17 - Department Head meeting - 2:45pm @ TBD

December 18 - Staff Breakfast - Main Office

December 21 - January 1 - Holiday Break

January 4 - First Day Back from Break

Future Funky Friday Themes:

December 11 - Funky Friday - Hat Day

Future Spirit Week Themes:

December 14 - White Out

December 15 - Pajama Day

December 16 - Ugly Holiday Sweater Day

December 17 - Red and Green Day

December 18 - Star Wars Day (Opening night of Star Wars VII - The Forces Awakens!!!)

Enjoy the sunshine!

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