Tropical disaster



CRASH!!BOOM The waves against the ship were breaking the ship everyone was scared. Then at that instant a huge wave hit and everyone fell into the water

everyone drowned everyone but one person me.

I woke up in the hot rays of the sun with a pounding headache I was lost I had no clue were i was I couldn’t really do much accept for lay there because i couldn’t fell my legs after a while a finally got the courage to wake up i took a walk around the perimeter of the island it wasn’t that big when i was walking i met this person his name was matteo he was super awesome and strong and everything he invited me into his “home” on the island he told me to get myself a glass of water so i grabbed a cup and just as i was about to turn the tap on i fell into a dark cave at that point I realized it was a mirage * our tropical Caribbean in Hawaiian music *

When i got in the cave i started hearing noises it was really scary but they sounded familiar like my crewmates so i followed the sound i followed it for atlas 15 minutes then on that 16th minute i saw them 2 people i saw matteo my favourite shipmate

Who was strong and heroic *worlds most intense and heroic music) and julian julian was a boring person no sense of humor and not very smart he’s also idiotic so i asked them why are they here they were to tired to notice me so i shouted it they realized i was here and was shouting for joy i told them to calm down but they instantly pointed to a genie bottle?

I was told i was the third person and you needed three people for it to work so we rubbed it and this really scary guy popped out he told us you only get three wishes so that means one each i was told i could go first so i rubbed the genie and went home then next came matteo he wished the same he wanted to go home but when julians turn came around he said this “I’m getting lonely i wish my friends were here” so instantly me and matteo aswell as julian poofed to the island exiting music

Me and matteo were so mate and julian we found this telporter thing labeled “Use this to get home if ever stuck on stranded island” we snapped it inhalf found a beach chair duck taped julian to the because chair and killed him then we used the magic from the teleporter to bring him back but when he came back he was not alone…..


Sound 1

I connected this song to the introduction of the paragraph because when I made this it sounded really tropical in my head I can imagine it being this song exact sentence I connected it to is Afterwhile if I'm going to Kerge to wake up and I took a walk around the perimeter of the island it wasn't that big The song goes hand-in-hand with this paragraph because it's both a tropical scene

Sound 2

I chose worlds most intense heroic music for mateo because when I was making this story I want to Mateo to be really brave and this music kind of makes him sound brave also the paragraphs theme is sort of braveness so it all goes hand-in-hand if I was reading the story as a reader I would like the idea that they had this sound because it gives you more of an idea of the story I specifically connected this song to the sentence I saw tell my favourite shipmate he is strong and herOic

Sound 3

Who's exciting music for this paragraph because it's that moment in the story when you have a chance to go home but someone messed it up but you don't know that how you read it while you're reading it you think it's for them for they get to go home I connected this send the song to a specific sentence I was told I was the third person you need three people for it to work