VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

By: Ann Hu

Guess the word!

The _________________________ regulations of the church do not allow for rowdy or inappropriate behaviors.


adj. Pertaining to or regulating expenditure, often for religious or moral reasons, usually relating to clothing or food


1. relating to personal expenditures and especially to prevent extravagance and luxury

2. designed to regulate extravagant expenditures or habits especially on moral or religious grounds


sumtum (L.) "to take"

One way to remember the meaning of this word is:
You want "sum" more but you have to "regulate" or "limit" yourself.
I want "sum" more food, but I have to limit myself or else I will gain 100 pounds.

Other forms of this word...

sumptuous *WATCH OUT*

Although it is similar to sumptuary, it means something completely different. It means "lavish; suggesting great expense or splendor."
(Your VCR book explains this)


*Anything that has to do with controlling*


non limiting
*Anything that has to do with being free and not controlled*


Choose the letter corresponding to the sentence that uses the bold word incorrectly.
A) I put on myself sumptuary goals after I spent all my savings on clothing and food.
B) Billy believed that sumptuous laws should be put on military spending because he believed the nation spent too much on the military.
C) The sumptuary regulations made by the church prevented reckless and careless spending on unnecessary things.
D) There was an outrage when the church made sumptuary regulations to how much money should be spent on food during large events.

Answer: B, uses "sumptuous" which means the opposite of sumptuary,