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LeAmber Brooks

Google This: BrainPop and Google Apps for Education

Primary Information

Integration of BrainPop and Google Apps

Google Apps is a series of services provided to schools. It includes Google drive, calendar as well as websites. 66% of K-12 Schools are currently using Google Apps. Other apps such as BrainPop and EasyBib can be added to the Google Apps Dashboard.

Single Sign On

Once users are logged onto Google with their email address, they are automatically logged onto BrainPop and any other apps that have been added to the dashboard.


Teachers are able to import quiz scores and students are able to send scores to teachers of quizzes they have taken. There are multiple tabs on the spreadsheet and each spreadsheet holds up to three quiz results per student.


I enjoyed the Webinar. I really found it interesting how BrainPop can be used in conjunction with Google Apps. Both of these are things that I use separately, however, now I see they can be integrated very easily. I thought BrainPop did a very good job on the presentation of materials. There where screenshots with arrows to direct the user as well as the presenter who was extremely helpful. I did think the pace could have been a bit faster, however, due to the number of people logged onto the webinar it did make sense to move slowly.

Secondary Information

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education is free web-based email, calendar and documents for collaborative study.

What is Google Apps for Education?

32 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom

This is a presentation created by the Google team that showcases various ways Google Apps can be used in the classroom.

How to Login BrainPop

This is a quick tutorial that shows users how to log onto BrainPop.

Brainpop Login and How to Use

A Winning Combination

Blog on teachers using BrainPop and Google Apps.

Blog from an IT Administrator at a primary school.