Nina's Notes for Effective Teaching

ABCs of Effective education - part 2


The effect of empowerment cannot be over-emphasized in education!

Empowerment is the key, because it makes students want to learn. You can call it reverse psychology, or just avoiding the reactions of students when they are told to do things they might prefer not doing. Making learning meaningful for students improves their performance!

Externally set accountability can never achieve that!

Finnish it?

To describe Finnish education in one sentence:

In Finland more attention is paid to LEARNING than TEACHING, because students are the ones doing the hard job of learning, and teachers are there to help students to learn.

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Improve learning and teaching - Finnish it? was created for the GlobalEdCon, so it discusses education from a global perspective.


Motivation and goals are very tightly related to each other. What and how much is learned at school is depends on students' emotional states, interests, beliefs and goals.

If the goal is set by someone else, meeting it will be significantly harder. How to help students set learning goals? And how to make these goals personalized? These are the big questions with no simple answers. But to be motivated to pursue ANY educational goals, student must have a positive expectation about the outcome.

How do YOU want to teach?

We have different curricula to provide framework of WHAT needs to be taught, but you still have to decide HOW to do it! Ignite your students’ intrinsic learning. Help students to enjoy learning instead of just enduring it!

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Effective PD is not one-size-fits-all

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