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S3E6---You Gotta Have It...It's Joy -----6/8/2019

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

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Is Joy the greatest contentment of all?

Yes, that’s right, experiencing joy and maintaining it throughout life can be a challenge, but guess what…If you want to be good to yourself or BGTY, you must know that joy gives you your greatest contentment. We just have to figure out once we have it, how will we maintain it?

What is Joy?
Joy is that internal feeling of peace in the midst of a storm, joy is accepting things you cannot change and changing the things you can, and joy is a focused mindset that tries very hard to block out negativity, embrace positivity, and live life to the fullest by doing the things you love with the people who also brings you joy.

Want to know how to maintain joy?

I can tell you that maintaining joy can be hard. We face so many challenges on a daily basis. Somebody can set you off within seconds. The local, state, or national news can impact your thoughts with all types of negativity. Your job and the expectations that go along with it can send you into brain overload. We need an out. We need contentment. We need joy! The world we live in can be so negative until maintaining joy if you have it can be nearly impossible. Well, if you let it be impossible. Yes, I said it! The host of Bringing Joy To Life Podcast has a hard time too. We all fall short, but I’ve come up with 4 ways that I feel will be beneficial to you and my hope is that the 4 ways I share will bring joy to your life.
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  • One way is to accept the daily chaos that goes on in our daily livesWe have so much daily chaos that processing it all can be a battle in itself. For example, family chaos. You have this and that to do. The every day routine of getting up figuring out what you will cook for dinner, what clothes you will wear in addition to picking out clothes for your little people if you have them and telling your teenagers what is acceptable to wear or not. Once the morning is over, you move into the afternoon and evening. That’s when the chaos really begins. Deciding what the family will eat, tackling the homework, spending time with your spouse, friend, family member and the list can go on. By the time you call it a day, you are truly exhausted. Tending to the daily stuff can be cumbersome. When you allow daily chaos to take over your day your “joy” factor will diminish. When you complain about these routines, you bring negativity into your space. You let these tasks consume your joy. So it’s best to accept the daily chaos and move on because you can’t change it. Once that is accepted, you are learning to maintain joy.
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I don't Know....Ok then, check out more information below.

  • Psychology today states that Joy is hard to measure. states that measuring joy is a “hot mess” and feels that measuring joy is subjective. So what do you do to know that you have conquered the pursuit of joy since it’s hard to measure, it is a hot mess, and measuring is subjective all the way round. You stay the course and follow the recommendations I am giving you today. The first one has already been shared. Let us dive into another one.

  • Maintaining joy is being true to yourself. Have you ever heard someone call a person 2-faced. 2-faced is when you are one way around others and then when you get with another group you are another way. That is not being true to yourself. In order to know and maintain joy you have to know that you know that … you are who you are and you don’t care what others feel about it. Your traditions are yours, your personality is yours, the way you do things is truly yours. I going to go in depth on the topic of being true to yourself in another podcast episode, but being true to yourself today is only touching the surface, however, you gotta have it to maintain joy.

  • Call me old school, human interaction is another way to maintain joy. So many people are on social media behind the scene pressing a button to like foolishness or trying to follow, unfollow, or gain a follower to the point that human interaction is missing. The digital world in my opinion and I’m giving a lot of opinions today has made us as a society less sociable and more into me, myself, and I or the “me syndrome”. We can’t put our phones down for nothing. The next time you go in a restaurant, see how many people, couples, children, teenagers, have their phone out busy pushing buttons or surfing on the internet. It was mind-blowing when I saw it. Human interaction is almost becoming a lost art. I’ve seen many people sitting next to each other and on their devices not saying a word to each other. All I can say is wow. I can tell you something funny though. So my husband and I were downstair watching tv and our boys were upstairs. All of a sudden, my husband’s phone dinged and it was a text. He looked at it and it was from our son. He was asking his dad from upstairs could he fix something. I thought my husband was going to have a fit. He was upset that my son from upstairs text him about a situation instead of coming downstairs and having a conversation. A teachable moment for our family and boundaries for the phones. Psychology Today said that we as a society were much happier before we had the digital world come and take over. Why, because we had more human interaction. I agree.

  • Maintaining joy is a choice! Maintaining joy is your mindset and changing your mindset to being more positive is maintaining joy. Make the choice although some people choose to be unhappy and take you along with them. Don’t let them. I always think of the world as my shining light. What I do in it can make my time joyful or miserable. I choose joy! So I subconsciously and consciously make the choice to seek joy, share my joy with others, and avoid the negativity as much as possible. Your brain controls everything. What you believe, how you pursue those beliefs, and what you do in this world is a mindset. Choose joy! It only takes one to make a difference and then everything is set in motion. If you fall, that’s ok, because as long as you are living you can start again. Remember that maintaining joy is internal. Basically this means that what ever life brings you, you will still have joy. Can you believe this? Well , believe it. You should be able to still be able to volunteer and do for others even though you are tired. You should be able to give another a positive affirmation even though you are not feeling that way today. You should be able to show gratitude, take risks, be in tune with who you are, embrace your life and avoid negative people who enjoys bringing out the negativity in you.

Change Your Lifestyle!

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  • Maintaining joy is a type of lifestyle. Yes, it is a lifestyle. You have to make a change. You have start with the person in the mirror. As you start with the person in the mirror, look at every inch of yourself and dive deep and say mirror, mirror, on the wall is joy the greatest contentment of all? The answer is yes!

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