Social Anxiety

Also known as Social Phobia

What is Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a very serious mental disorder, some factors that will most likely increase your chance of getting social anxiety are family history, reoccurring negative experiences, temperament, new social or work demands, and having a health condition that draws attention. Social Anxiety can also be an inherited trait meaning one of your parents had it you could be at risk. This anxiety can lower your self esteem, make you struggle at being assertive, it may also make you hypersensitive to criticism. Who is at risk? Social anxiety currently affects 15 million Americans both men and women are equally at risk to develop social anxiety which usually begins in the childhood ("What is Social Phobia (Social Anxiety)"). Social anxiety is often "accompanied" by other anxieties and or depression. Substance abuse May develop if someone with this mental disorder tries to medicate themselves, they also might be at risk of substance abuse because many teens use drugs and alcohol to cover up their emotions. Is there a cure? Well there isn't a vaccine, but there is therapy "type" called cognitive behavior therapy, it is very useful for treating social anxiety. It teaches a person different ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting to situations that help him or her feel less anxious and fearful, it also can help learn and practice social skills. ("What is Social Anxiety")