News from Lansargues, France

Lansargues Primary School November issue

Our school, by Joao Pedro, Laura, Almyre, Rayan and Maë

In our school there are 8 classes for 5 levels.

We are 22 pupils; 7 boys and 15 girls. We are on the 4th level

We work on Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays Fridays from 9 to 12 and from 2pm to 5pm.

In the play ground there are:

Arenas (because we have got bulls traditions)

A bike park

A big field with a soccer field

Trees with a bench

A covered part to protect against the rain

About Lansargues, by Lucie, Orlane, Marie and Jeanne

Lansargues is located in the south of France

2000 people live there. It’s a very nice small city

2 things we do in class, by Léo M. and Rajhane

We read a book: Le secret de la Joconde, written by Catherine Ternaux. It’s a mystery and science fiction book.

In arts, we draw the Joconde and castles

Sciences celebration, by Sarah and Emma

Friday, October 11th at "Le Visiatome" in Marcoule

The water tower, by Valentine and Louna

Inside the water tower on the top, there is drinkable water for Lansargues people.

Safe driving practice, by Alexandre and Léo R.

Happy Birthday, by Carla and Marina

Every end of the month we celebrate birthdays of the month.

We eat chocolate cake. We drink ice tea, coca cola, water and orange juice.

How's the weather in Lansargues?, by Orlane, Lucie, Jeanne and Marie