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Friendship Festival is Here!

The entirety of Jamaa is getting ready for Valentines day by celebrating the friendship festival! Ace reporter, Angiewolffang is on top of the action, reporting all the best ways to spend your time on Animal Jam during the festival!

5- Make that special new look!

During the friendship festival, new clothes are pouring into the Jam Mart Clothing. Make sure to pick up all the right things to make your outfit! Oh, and don't forget the limited time only Friendship Armor, found at the diamond shop! You and your buddies will love all the new hats, shoes, and... Mustaches? Yep, the new friendship rares are out. Including a hat, coat, shoes, and mustache, you can find all these additions to your wardrobe in adventures!

4- Design a friendship inspired den!

New clothes aren't the only things in stores. New Den items are here too! With the new expansion of Den storage, you'll be racing to pick up rugs, tables, and trees, to put in your new Friendship Cottage! Available in the diamond shop, you can buy your own ski resort. This includes a three story cabin, ski lift, ski slope, and ice skating rink! If you're a non-member, don't worry! You can check out this awesome cottage at the top of the Epic Dens List, Aj HQ has made sure it's full of the best items!

3- Visit The Friendship Party!

The friendship party is an awesome place to pick up valentines for your friends! Check out the shop for lots of goodies for your wardrobe and dens. Meet new buddies as you dance your way through a fun, pink castle!

2- Make Special Deliveries!

The new adventure, Special Delivery is full of fun! Deliver Valentines and collect chests! Earn gems and find rares as you hop your way to victory! This is certainly a wonderful way to spend your Valentines day weekend!

1- Spend Time with Buddies!

Although all of these are lots of fun, they're even more fun when you have a friend or two! Play mini-games at the arcade, or challenge your buddy to a game of tic-tac-toe! Have your own fashion show or just hang out! The possibilities are endless!

Now that you know lots of fun things to do in Jamaa, get going! The friendship festival isn't going to last forever!


Baron Happy Claw is ready for Valentines day! He has taken pictures with all his new friends at his friendship cottage! Comment below on your favorite picture above!

The winner will be sent to the Daily Explorer!

Special thanks to Animal Jam Head Quarters for decorating the friendship cottage, and to all the random jammers shown in these pictures!