Bosse High School Seniors

Important Information

BHS Seniors – Requirements for Graduation

EVSC is still working on the details on how to honor our seniors at Class Day and Commencement. In the meantime, the BHS Counseling Office needs to collect some important information to have ready for your recognition programs!

1. After Graduation Plans: Complete by May 1st

● EVSC needs to collect information on all seniors regarding their plans for after high school. All seniors MUST complete this form before they will be allowed to pick up graduation materials.

● You received a separate email to fill out senior plans form. REQUIRED!

2. Instructions for submitting Scholarship Offers: Complete by May 1ST

A. Complete the 2020 BHS Scholarship Offers form attached below.

    1. Download the attached file “BHSscholarshipsreceived” & list all scholarships/awards you have been offered. After you complete the form, you MUST email this form back to me @
    2. If you receive new scholarships, please email to update your form

B. How to submit proof of offers:

    1. In order to be announced I must have proof of scholarship offers - please scan/upload pictures or files of any scholarship offer(s) you have received.
    2. Title the file(s) LastName, FirstName Scholarship Email all of the files/pictures to

3. Request a final transcript through Parchment:

● Go to, follow directions provided.

● If you do not know how to to send transcript through Parchment open the attached file or click on the following link for additional directions: “BHS Parchment Instructions”

Most important step is clicking “hold for final grades”

● If your college choice changes, notify me and request an e-transcript through Parchment for that school.

4. Sending your high school college credits from Ivy Tech and USI

● Ivy Tech transcript Instructions

o Click Here:

● University of Southern Indiana Instructions

o Click Here:

Finish Strong Bulldogs!! We are proud of you!

Keep working through this difficult time.