Canvas in Grades K-5

Ideas From Fellow Teachers

The following list includes ideas from other teachers in Madison County Schools of ways that students are using Canvas in the lower grades:

1. Assignments with Brain Pop

2. Assignments with EdPuzzle

3. Writing Assignments using spelling words and language skills

4. Practice Paragraph writing in Assignments

5. Sending Newsletters to Parents and Students

6. Sending Announcements to Parents and Students

7. Sharing Schedule with Parents and Students

8. Scanning homework and putting on Canvas course for students who are sick or missed school or just as a back up at home

9. Flipped lessons in Math and ELA using Educreations and Explain Everything

10. Assignment submissions including: videos, pictures, constructed responses, Chatterpix, Skitch Annotated Texts, and Popplets

11. Students share student-made videos of Science labs, simulations in Social Studies, investigations in Math

12. Linking "Today's Meet" into Canvas Assignment for Socrative Style questioning using DOK stems.

13. Organizing activities into Modules to post weekly newsletter and other study tools for each week.

Mrs. Park's 1st Grade Class & Canvas

Janet Park, a 1st grade teacher from Chicago, will be our guest speaker at NATC (North Alabama Technology Conference) this summer! In this video she shows some of the ways she uses Canvas in her elementary classroom!

Mrs. Park's 1st Grade Class & Canvas
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