Equality Club

A club that accepts everybody

What is it?

A group that focuses mainly on creating a safe place where nobody is above anybody else and everyone's beliefs, ideas, identities, gender, sexuality, etc. are accepted no matter what.

Who can join?

Anybody with the belief that we are all created equally and deserve the same amount of respect no matter who you are.

Marketing Concept

This satisfies any member who joins because it was created to provide a safe place of comfort with no judgement for anybody who wishes to join. The group will be advertised by flyers and having people talk highly about it for credibility.

How does Equality Club relate to Maslow's Hierarchy?

This group's ideas runs parallel to the ideas of Maslow's Hierarchy in that it satisfies members psychologically, makes them feel safe, gives a feeling of belonging, boosts self esteem, and encourages self-actualization. All of which is what Maslow's Hierarchy consists of.