Financial Manager Career Path

Job description and Requirements

Job Description

For you to be a good Financial Manager you need to be able to do some basic things. You have to be able to manage financial reports, monitor cash flow for an organization, prepare balance sheets, do financial analysis for a group, communicate with co-workers and other employees and simply follow government regulations.

The salary for a Financial Manager can range anywhere between $70,000 and $135,000 per year. This job is expected to have grown nearly 8% by 2018

The amount of schooling involved in this job is a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Economics, Business Administration and or Finance. Also you must get an MBA(Masters of Business Administration).

The skills that would be a great help for the job are knowing advanced math, management and communication skills, and being thoroughly familiar with financial regulations and reporting requirements.

University of Minnesota requirements

GPA of a "B+" average

SAT of 1700 or higher

ACT composite score of 24 or higher

SAT Critical Reading: 540/690

SAT Math: 620/740

SAT Writing: 560/670

ACT Composite: 25/30

ACT English: 24/31

ACT Math 25/30

Job Requirements

Masters of Business Administration or MBA

Must graduate with a Bachelor's degree or higher and have taken Accounting, Economics, Business Administration and or Finance

MUST KNOW the financial regulations and reporting requirements


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