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Do You Need A Perfect Solution From Your Phobias or Addictions?

A large number of people in today’s world are suffering from various mental conditions. A simple phobia can lead to a major health problem. If you want to live a life free from any depression or phobias, Institute of Behavior Therapy (IBT) is the right place for you. Our therapy center was established in 1971 and since then, we are serving the people with the most beneficial services. Operating in the same profession for more than 45 years, we have acquired a specific skill set to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

IBT was formed by Dr. Steven T. Fishman and Dr. Barry S. Lubetkin, who are well-known names in the business. It was their knowledge and idea which made us a famous name in the world. You can easily get Treatment for Addiction in Manhattan as well as Treatment for Depression in Manhattan through us. We have hired the best Psychologists in Manhattan who have all the required knowledge and experienced about therapies. They are well aware of the things they should do and must do. We have Reality Treatment in Manhattan which includes Phobias, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, OCD and more. Contact us for getting Social Phobia Treatment in Manhattan at the most reasonable prices.

IBT offers solutions for substance abuse, general anxiety, ADHD, social shyness, OCD, phobias, depression, panic, marital discord, eating disorders, and bad habits. All of our professional services are available at the most exclusive prices. Our services have received a positive response from the patients as well as their caretakers. We can offer behavioral consultants to other public and private treatment centers, school systems and corporations and maintains both an active speaker bureau and professional library. Feel free to browse through for more information about us.