Mrs. Asher's First Grade News

Week of January 25, 2016

Sight Words

These are the sight words your child learned to read and spell this week. These sight words are common words that your child should be able to read in a snap (without sounding them out). Knowing sight words helps your child's fluency and comprehension (because they won't be dedicating so much time and attention to decoding words).

people, take, than, these, way, were


* This week we learned to read and spell words with 'ai' and 'ay' such as in the words train and staying. Students have become familiar with the little rhyme: When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking (and says its long sound) and the second keeps on walking.

* We worked on making mental images as we read. Students learned that if they make a movie in their head of what the text is saying it will improve their comprehension. At home when your child reads or you read to your child, especially if it is a book without many pictures, stop and share what you pictured in your head and ask your child what they pictured.

* We also worked on using our storyteller voices when we read fiction texts. Students learned to think about character's feelings to help them develop their storyteller voices. By thinking about character's feelings and using a storyteller voice students are not only helping their fluency but they are also helping their comprehension.

* When reading nonfiction books students learned to use a reporter voice that sounds like it is dishing out the facts.


This week your child finished writing their first informational "all-about" book on an animal of their choice. They learned to write a closing. In a closing, students learned the author likes to usually state an opinion, ask the reader a question, or end with an interesting fact. They also revised and edited their writing by using a checklist. Students did a great job researching their animal using the Pebble Go website and creating fact filled books. They will be sharing their books with you at our student led conferences next week!


This week in math students began taking addition fast fact tests so they can become more fluent with addition facts. This will help them as they begin to solve more complex math problems in the future with larger numbers. We will be taking fast fact tests every Tuesday and Thursday and every time they pass one test they get to move on to the next. The sheet that is stapled in their folder indicates which facts they have passed. We also reviewed what we learned about plane and solid shapes. Students became really good at describing the defining attributes of shapes and using the correct terminology.

Extra Extra!!!!

  • Don't forget our student led conferences are next week. Your child is so excited to share how they have grown! Please be on time because there will be other families with the same time slot and we won't be able to start the rotations until all of the families have arrived.
  • We have a classroom wish list on Just search for the wish list using my email address:
  • This is our class website full of valuable information and educational websites your child can access at home.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to write a note or send me an email

Important Dates

  • Week of February 1st - Student led conferences
  • February 12 - Early Release
  • February 26 - Awards Rally at 9:20 in the gym (You will be notified in your child's folder if he or she is receiving an award.)
  • March 4 - Early Release and Report Cards go home
  • March 5 - March 27 Track Out