Civil Rights Movement

by: Sarah Hoback

Making a more equal and just society

The civil rights Movement helped jump start the freedom and equality of African Americans. Many people between 1954 and 1968 stood up for them selves and others to try and make living equal for everyone, blacks and whites. Over these years there was a lot of race-inspired violence that took place. They used many different tactics through out their fight for equality. Finally the court came up with "separate but equal" policy where buildings were made to be equal, although they were still segregated, it was a start.

Music Review

Aint gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around -Medley

"I just keep on A walking

Y'know I keep on A talking

Because I'm Marching on to freedom land"

This song is a very positive one for this era. It shows that even though times are tough that you just keep on going and never give up. And that's what people did, they kept on walking and they kept on marching. Because it was something that they believed in, and something that they wanted to accomplish, freedom. Some people walked for days on end. it shows how strong they really are.