The Egg Drop of 2013

By: DeAndra Williquette

It All Started in Science

So there we were given the problem of having to get an egg to get back to the ground safely. From being dropped from the top of a fire trucks ladder. Using 2 rubber bands, 20 cm. by 20cm. peice of cardboard, 3 cotton balls, 5 plastic straws, 1 crushed Styrofoam cup, 2 pieces of paper, 5 packaging peanuts, 50 cm. of kite string, 50cm. tape, 20 cm. by 20 cm. piece of a plastic bag, 2 dixie cups, 5 toothpicks, 5 q-tips, and 3 Popsicle sticks. And we only had three days to build it.

Getting to Work

First I thought about the task and came up with a few ideas i then started to work on these ideas to make them better, and used previous knowledge for my contraption. i kept the ideas i thought would work and got rid of the rest. I then started to put it together. When it was done I tested it on the stairs it worked so i did not need to make adjustments.

The Plunge

So here it was the day my contraption would work or fail. My egg drop was the first to be dropped and it worked thankfully, my egg landed without a scratch or crack. so that's my egg drop.