Bad stuff about Nicotine + Tobacco

Negative things about nicotine and tobacco

Did you know?

Did you know that hundreds of people die of smoking each day? Smoking is bad to the human body. About 19 or more people smoke. They spend thousands of dollars a mouth. When you smoke you can get a lot of diseases and you can get cancer too. Smoking is bad for the human body, and bad for children around the smoker.

Nicotine and Tobacco is really addicting, but it is also really bad.

Smoking effects your bones

When you smoke is increases your risk of cancer and other deceases. Also smoking can lead to bone breakdown. When you used tobacco it can lead to osteoporosis, osteoporosis is a disorder in which the bones become increasingly porous, and brittle.

What can smoking do to your brain?

Smoking effects your brain by damaging the blood flow in your brain. Smoking alone can cause damage to the cell and viability

Smoking is bad for your heart and lungs

Smoking increases the hart rate by at least two to three beats per minute. Smoking increase the risk of cancer,lung,heart diseases. Secondhand smoke can cause heart des eases and lung cancer to the smoker and nonsmoking adults. Also secondhand smoke can slow the lung growth in a human body.


Smoking is bad for you. A lot of people smoke, but don't realize how bad it is. They get addicted to it, and start spending money almost every day. Also if you have a child you can put that kid in danger by smoking. Smoking is bad for you and everyone around you.



Jean Lerche Davis



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February 19 2007