PUSD Weekly Parent Update 5/22

from Mrs. Pearce, Superintendent

I hope you all are looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend coming up and have some fun plans for relaxing and enjoying family. While there is still so much uncertainty around us with the slow reopening of our state and country, I want to assure you that our team is working very hard to keep an open mind while we consider multiple options for district priorities at this time: food services, 8th grade promotion ceremony, wrapping up distance learning, collection of checked out materials, school reopening, and addressing the budget needs that are certain to come. While working on each of these specific items, please know that the health and safety of our students and staff remain our number one priority.

Please read below for our weekly updates and top priorities at this time:

Food Services

Our food service will continue this week with the regular schedule, with the exception of the Monday Memorial Day holiday on 5/25.

Tuesday -

Curbside pickup at Prairie and Pacheco 11:00-12:00;

Riverland Market drop off 11:30

**Food for 2 days will be provided (Tuesday and Wednesday)**

Thursday -

Curbside pickup at Prairie and Pacheco 11:00-12:00;

Riverland Market drop off 11:30

**Food for 2 days will be provided (Thursday and Friday)**

Distance Learning Reminders and Information - Online Instruction Model Extended

Our distance learning model will shift this week, as we prepare to collect all checked out materials, including district Chromebooks, textbooks, and any other class-specific materials loaned out by teachers.

All students will be provided a paper enrichment packet in lieu of online learning options for the last 2 weeks of the school year. Our teachers will be working to communicate changes with all students specific to each class and what the final two weeks of the year look like. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we prepare the daunting task of checking in all devices and materials to account for their use in the coming school year.

Chromebook and Classroom Materials Check-In

In an effort to maximize our resources for check-in of all devices and other classroom materials, we have formed a schedule based on alphabet by last name to avoid families having to make multiple trips to the schools for return. We will utilize the same schedule each day for check-in, Tuesday-Friday at each site, so please choose a day that works best for you. Chromebooks must be returned fully charged with their charger and cord, as there will be a thorough 5-point check on all devices upon return. Please also note that devices and materials will need to be returned to the site where the student(s) attend:

Last names and times, Tuesday-Friday:

A-C 8:00-9:00

D-F 9:00-10:00

G-J 10:00-11:00

K-N 11:00-12:00

O-R 12:00-1:00

S-Z 1:00-2:00

*If you need to make a special appointment due to work schedule or other needs that limit your availability to return items, please reach out:

Prairie School - Theresa Rubin theresa.rubin@pacheco.k12.ca.us

Pacheco School - Katy Pearce kpearce@pacheco.k12.ca.us

House Points

Pacheco students, the cut off for points for return of paperwork and/or interaction with online instruction will be this Friday, 5/22. All house points will be tallied and the winning house will be announced next week.

If you are a member of the winning house, when you come to check in your materials, you will receive a special treat! Thank you to everyone for working so diligently and completing assignments as best as you are able during this time. We know it has been challenging and we appreciate all of your hard work!

School Reopening and plans for 2020-2021

Our team continues to work with state and local officials to review and consider a variety of options. Distance learning, blended learning, and face-to-face instruction are all being considered at this time. The health and safety of our students and staff continue to be the top priority in every scenario. With social distancing guidelines in place, all face-to-face instruction options continue to be extremely challenging at this time. We will certainly keep you updated as new information unfolds and our state advises of plans for schools and reopening in the fall

Budget Update

Governor Newsom released the May Revision to the current California budget last week. Our team is in the initial planning stages of translating how this historic stark financial forecast and budget deficits translate to for our district community. With the proposed budget shared last week, Pacheco School District is being asked to do more, with much less. As always, our students remain our top priority and we are very carefully considering our options as we move forward to address the coming budget. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic as we learn more in the coming weeks.