No GMOs!

Join the fight against GMOs and their terrible effects.


The GMOs will make small farmers indentures to big firms. It could prove too expensive for poor farmers in developing countries and the gap between rich and poor would get bigger. IT could repeat like the Green Revolution, where many farmers were forced into debt or off their land.


Genetically modified crops will further the reliance we have on vast monocultures. Farmers of monocultures are vulnerable to lethal attacks by disease and pests. Pests could evolve tolerance to a crop's built-in insecticide, say, or if weeds start to develop immunity to weed killers sprayed over fields of herbicide-resistant genetically modified plants, that crop. The people that count on it could suffer.

You do not have the right to change things that are supposed to happen naturally!

Genetically modified technology flies in the face of respected principles about the relationship between humanity and nature.


In the U.S., labels are not required on genetically modified foods at all. You never know what exactly you are eating because there is no distinction between what is genetically modified and what is not. You also don't have the choice to buy between the two.


This does not agree with most religions. The people that are contribute to genetically modifying are acting as God. They do not have the right and it is offending to a lot of religions.