B-109 Newsletter

October 7, 2016

Happy Friday!

Today is World Smile Day! We had fun discussing fun facts about smiling, watching some short videos about smiling, and writing about why it is important to smile!

Click here if you want to watch one of the videos we watched in class today!

Literacy and Writing

Readers Workshop

This week our two essential questions we focused on were, "What is Culture?" and "What shapes our culture?" We talked about the 7 elements that make up a culture. We started reading about other cultures around the world in our reading groups. We will be working on this theme in our literacy block for the next couple weeks.


We are currently working on our Fall Benchmark papers! The kids have been working really hard on writing a narrative, expository, or persuasive piece. Next week we will be focusing on the last steps of the writing process, editing, revising, and publishing!

enVisions 2.0

We have been working hard on algebraic and numerical expressions. Next week we are going to be taking a test on Topic 1 on Friday. Wednesday we will work on a study guide, followed by a class review day Thursday. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Our key vocabulary this week has been Mid-Ocean Ridge, Sea Floor Spreading, Subduction, and Deep-Ocean Trenches. They completed a lab to help them better understand the process of sea floor spreading. Next week we will be focusing on the theory of plate tectonics.

PBIS Celebration

On Thursday we celebrated our PBIS celebration, we made it to Mexico. To celebrate, our first grade buddy's came into our classroom. We made crafts called sun pictures. We used paper plates and foil to make them. then we played Mexican games with a spinner and beans. To play, we spin and you land on something and you either put beans in the middle or you take beans from the middle until someone lands on the winning spot! We were very excited and our buddies were too.

Check out our pictures below!

Guest Writer: Cadyn Peairs

Important Dates

10/7 PTA Glow Run

10/10 No School-Columbus Day

10/13 PTA Meeting

10/31 Class Halloween Party and Parade

11/8 No School-Teacher Plan Day

11/10 PTA Meeting